Online Writing Tips 2019

Online Writing Tips 2019

Do you think that you have hit a writer’s block in 2018 or you are unable to muster good article ideas? Why not prepare for the year ahead? We have online writing tips for 2019 that will avail you few secrets on how to start and complete amazing reads for your audience.

Have you got style?

Some call it “style” and some think of it as your “voice” and we can agree, but there is a caveat which we will go over below. Every writer or producer of written content should have his or her style or voice. That means, when you read your own article, story or what have you, it will always have your markings on it. This is not easy to achieve, but it is achievable. One way to do it is to hold regular mock conversations with a chair. Yes, talk to your favorite dining room chair with the objective of informing it about the topic you are writing about. If you are convinced in how convincing you are, then you’re on to something.

The caveat about style

We mentioned that there is a caveat in having your own writing style. Having a style can be a boon but it can also me limiting. So don’t allow your style to put a border on how you get your point across. If not having a style is a style of its own, then go for that, as you will feel the liberty of having multiple “voices” when you write – one authoritative, one conciliatory, one offhand, one flippant, and so on – all depending on the objective of your article.

The rigor

One of the best-known writers of this century (and the previous) is Steven King and he wouldn’t be it without a healthy writing routine: 2000 words per day, every day of every week. We know that inspiration is a resource and that you don’t always have it at your disposal, but you do have time and you can take some it and convert it into 400 words. Write about anything. Write about your ideas, your feelings, the previous day.

The archive

You’ve read the Style and the Rigor bits, and now we have come to the Archive. When you write a bunch of words each day you are actually amassing an archive. You’d be surprised what you may find in it when you go back after a month or few to see what you wrote. There may be hiding your next big article or an idea for a list or anything that has simmered in your consciousness.

The deadline

When you sit down to write something set a deadline for it. Make that deadline reasonable. If it is a 2000 word essay, give it a day. If it is 4000 give it a day. Of course, the bigger the content the more elaborate it should be, meaning, you will have to make a point, elaborate on it, possibly bring it back again later on to set up the premise for your next point or to make a conjecture of few ideas and work from there. Whatever the case, set a deadline and obey it as writers and creative personalities are prone to wandering off in the proverbial woods of the mind.